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Photo of the Day #54:

Edge of Tomorrow's Comic-Con poster.

Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt with Doug Liman (Mr. & Mrs. Smith + The Bourne Identity) directing? Yes please!

What was the best thing you saw at Comic-Con?

Photo of the Day #53:

Pacific Rim Comic-Con poster by Kevin Tong.

(If you saw the movie, you know what’s going on)

High speed photography from a homemade camera captured this (violent) image of ice cream being… creamed……..

Photo of the Day #48.

Photo of the Day #47.

Heading toward the Centaurus constellation, you’ll find these huge, opaque clouds of dust and gas. Discovered by A.D. Thackeray in 1950, they’re commonly referred to as Thackeray’s globules.

Along with other data, the above representative color image from the 4-m Blanco telescope at Cerro Tololo, Chile indicates that Thackeray’s globules are fractured and churning as a result of intense ultraviolet radiation from young, hot stars already energizing and heating the bright emission nebula. These and similar dark globules known to be associated with other star forming regions may ultimately be dissipated by their hostile environment — like cosmic lumps of butter in a hot frying pan.

Photo source: T. Rector & N.S. van der Bliek

A fact of the day…

These devices offer convenience and features that even cutting-edge smartphones lack.

Sports watches tested

Photo of the Day #45.

BMW’s i8 Spyder plug-in hybrid (Used in Mission Impossible 4).

 The Chanel show in Paris this week is oddly reminiscent of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. But more fashion-y.

Kpop Friday #7.

SNSD’s/Girls’ Generation’s “Run Devil Run” MV.

GG shows a very strong (and smexy) image in this video. If you haven’t heard of them before this is a pretty good introduction to SNSD.

Watch for eye candy, a great song, excellent dance synchronization, SNSD, or for the sake of Friday…

(Watch or feel the wrath of a SONE!)

Photo of the Day #42:

One side of this Mercedes F-Cell car has a camera recording the scenery it passes, while the other side displays that scenery on a field of LEDs, effectively letting you see through the car.

This image, from Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3, shows the chaos of star birth, dust, and collision out in the giant elliptical galaxy Centaurus A.

Photo of the Day #41.

The Wall Street Journal Reports on Giving Kpop Idols Food. That is all.

(Editing by Walt. Simm.)

(Source: WSJ)

The areas are used to simulate environments like Mars and the extreme climates and geography of others.